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Recent Activity Edit

I think the recent activity stuff should be given it's own page rather than be jammed on the front.~ZevN47

Hey Zevn47,

Unsung is in charge of this website and he's got all admin priveleges. I believe he's the only one who has them so far so we've got to wait untill Unsung will be back :)

Ah... I can wait then... I'll focus more on the more technical things then (pics, formatting, etc.) I deleted the gallery and inserted a slideshow to save space (reduce clutter) ZevN47 15:39, June 12, 2010 (UTC)

I Just figured out how to move the source script... I'm going to make a new page for it.

Link page to wiki's of likeminded games Edit


I was thinking, how about we make a page to other, likeminded indy games? There should be one rule: These wiki's should have a similar page with the same links (including this wiki, obviously). Could be the start of a ring-like indie support thing.

I'm posting this message on a number of wiki's, but I won't post other links unless it's agreed we start such a thing.

--Gemberkoekje 15:04, June 20, 2011 (UTC)

Please do!


PS: Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the wiki over the past months... Things have kinda gone to shit.

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